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High-End and Full Coverage Exterior and interior detailing Services 

Al Emad is a trusted car care and detailing center in dubai. We are responsible for making car detailing Dubai top-notch and exclusive. Knowing the need for your car care, we provide complete detailing solutions. These are extensively designed to help you have a perfect and sparkling clean vehicle every time.

Restore Your Car to its New Condition

Are you in love with your car, but its current condition makes you feel bad? Al Emad got you covered. We are offering your car interior detailing dubai and exterior at its best. When the car washes are not making any difference in your car's condition, we offer you ca interior cleaning dubai along with the exterior. It helps you to make your old car look as good as new. We have extensive service procedures that make a difference.

Our Car Exterior detailing Dubai services

Exterior car detailing has its specialty at Al Emad. We focus on providing you with the best interior and exterior car detailing. Our carefully designed range of exterior detailing includes:
  • Hand washing and drying of the vehicle
  • Clay bar treatment
  • Buffing and polishing to remove minor scratches and swirls
  • Waxing or sealant application to protect the paint and add shine
  • Wheel and tire cleaning and dressing
  • Exterior trim and chrome cleaning and restoration
  • Headlight restoration

Car Interior Detailing Dubai services

Al Emad has an extensive service list for interior car detailing. We believe in giving you stop solutions for the car interior cleaning dubai. It's why you can access numerous operations in one place. 
  • Vacuuming and deep cleaning of carpets, floor mats, and upholstery
  • Cleaning and conditioning of leather seats
  • Dashboard, door panel, and center console cleaning and detailing
  • Interior window and mirror cleaning
  • Deodorizing and air freshening

Initiate Ultimate Vehicle Protection with Car Interior Exterior Detailing

Al Emad not only offers you extensive cleanup for your cars. Our interior and exterior car detailing dubai services are backed by extended protection options. We offer you in-depth cleaning and protective filming options for the vehicles. It includes:
  • Engine bay cleaning
  • Paint protection film installation
  • Ceramic coating application
These cleaning and protective options let you cover up the car exterior. Eventually, you can avoid scratches or damage to the car's body due to natural or artificial conditions. Our coatings and protection films help your vehicle's paint to have its shine and color intact. Moreover, it saves your car from any minor scratches. Additionally, it gives a flawless finish after every regular wash.

Why car detailing services from Al Emad?

At Al Emad, we offer trusted dubai car detailing services with exceptional features. Our expertise and many unmatchable features make us the right choice in town. 

Expert professionals

We have a team of experts with an experience in car interior cleaning dubai. They know the procedures to clean and detail any vehicle internally and externally to give you satisfactory results. 

High tech equipment

At Al Emad, we use high-tech equipment and tools to serve the right detailing services. Our focus is to do quality and precision together, and we achieve it with the right toolkit.

Unlimited operations in one place

Our detailing services are not limited to internal or external detailing only. We are giving you unlimited operations in one place. There is no need to access any other service center for high-end interior car detailing. 


Interior cleaning car dubai is all about precision and perfection. We always offer the best services with 100% satisfactory results and perfection. 

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