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Beyond The Call Of Duty Skoda Service

Skoda Oil Change

After a given amount of time or kilometers driven, oil needs to be changed on a regular basis. The car's manufacturer determines how often the engine oil needs to be changed. At Al Emad Auto Workshop, we go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure your engine gets the required attention. We'll keep your Skoda operating smoothly—trust us!

Skoda Detailing

Many picky customers have received personalized car maintenance from Al Emad's detailing. Because of the close attention to detail, the car ages more slowly and retains its worth as an investment.  Expensive limousines and well-known veterans like SKODA have gone through our meticulous, loving hands. We care for the interiors and apply ceramic protection to the vehicle's body before it hits the road. After working our magic on each car for at least a week, we declare it to be better than new.

Skoda Polishing

One handy tool for maintaining the paint on cars is polishing. It is immune to the effects of shampoo and the weather. It enhances the color intensity of car body paint while preserving it and giving it a superb sheen. It works well for bringing back the sheen of faded painted surfaces. Our experts enhance your car's paintwork using methods that set the standard for the industry. We have the skills to improve the exterior of your Skoda, regardless of minor flaws or dull surfaces.

Skoda Inspection

Al Emad's authorized Skoda inspection provides special offers to ensure your car is well-prepared for the upcoming summer or winter. The condition of the tires, brakes, battery, fluids, headlights, and many more components are all inspected during these checks. Please trust our knowledgeable specialists to deliver precise diagnostics so your Skoda continues to travel safely.

Skoda Tyre Replacement

The tires on your Skodas significantly impact performance and safety. We provide skilled tire replacement services at Al Emad Auto Workshop. When it becomes essential, our specialists will recommend replacements after evaluating your tires for wear and tear. We guarantee the best traction and safety for your Skoda with a selection of premium tire alternatives.

Skoda Battery Change

We can assist if you need help getting started. Our incredibly dependable battery service aims to get you back on the road as soon as possible. We'll be there with just a call if you need a jump start or a battery replacement in Dubai. After examining your battery, starter motor, and charging system, our skilled expert will diagnose the issue and notify you. If a new battery is required, we can install it quickly. We offer a full guarantee on all our batteries, including jump starts.

Skoda Windshield And Glass Replacement 

A windscreen is a crucial component of your vehicle. It has numerous defensive purposes to keep the car's occupants safe. If damaged, it should be replaced when appropriate. The front glass can sustain chipping, cracking, or breaking glass damage. The damage determines whether the windscreen needs to be replaced or repaired.

A car’s windshield repair should be accurate and well-suited to the available area. Regarding expert car front glass replacement services, pick Al Emad Auto Workshop. Our team comprises highly skilled experts and laborers who are accessible 24/7 to assist you with windscreen replacement.

Skoda Window Tinting

With our window tinting services, you may improve your Skoda's comfort and appearance. Professional tinting options that offer privacy and UV protection are available at Al Emad Auto Workshop. Your Skoda will appear sleek and stylish thanks to the precise application made possible by our skilled specialists.

Skoda Scratch And Dent Repair

You can return your Skoda to its original beauty with our scratch and dent restoration services. Our knowledgeable specialists use innovative techniques to fix dents, dings, and scratches expertly. You can rely on us to restore your Skoda's original elegance and make it appear brand new.

Skoda Paint Repair

Use our professional paint repair services to ensure your Skoda looks as good as new. Our experts can match and restore your Skoda paint to its original finish, whether with a minor Touch-up or a more involved paint correction. You can rely on us to deliver outcomes that will blow you away.


Put your trust in Al Emad Auto Workshop for your Skoda needs, and drive confidently, knowing your car has been well-maintained. Our motivation arises from your Skoda's longevity and satisfaction, which makes us the go-to place for discriminating Skoda owners in Dubai.

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