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Al Emad Auto Workshop specialises in windscreen replacement Dubai and offers a convenient solution when you need a windscreen replacement. Reach out to us, and our skilled vehicle glazing technicians will assist you promptly. Conduct a quick online search for "windscreen replacement near me" to meet an expert from our team in the workshop. We prioritise convenience and aim to make the process as easy as possible for you. Don't hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation replacement quote when you notice a significant chip, crack, or complete crack in your windscreen.


Before proceeding to replace windshield, our technicians always assess whether a repair is feasible. Repair is prioritised whenever possible. However, cracked or shattered windshields and damaged side and rear windows cannot be repaired and require a replacement.

Windscreen repair Dubai is typically possible for damage up to 10mm in diameter within the driver's direct field of vision. Any damage more than that necessitates a replacement. The repairable area expands outside the immediate field of view.

Suppose your car insurance includes windscreen cover; the cost of windscreen replacement and installation may be covered, though you might be charged an excess fee. However, it's important to note that once a windscreen is removed, it cannot be repaired due to its composite nature of glass and plastics. Therefore, we strive to minimise landfill waste whenever possible.

While repairing the windscreen is generally preferable, it is only sometimes feasible. You can rely on our experts to provide reliable advice on the best course of action for your windscreen, whether car glass repair or replacement. Visit our website to request a quote today, and remember, there is no charge or obligation to proceed.


The evolution of windscreens as advanced technology has a fascinating history. In the early days of automobiles, windscreens were nonexistent, and drivers relied on goggles for vision. However, as speeds increased, goggles proved ineffective, leading to the introduction of windshields. Initially, windshields were made from flat panels of ordinary window glass, shielding occupants from rain, wind, and debris. However, accidents revealed the hazards of such glass, as it shattered into sharp splinters upon impact, causing severe injuries. There was no concept of car glass repair in that era.

Tempered glass was introduced to address this issue, which was harder to break but posed risks when shattered. Finally, the modern windscreen emerged, consisting of layers of tempered glass sandwiching a thin polymer sheet. Modern windshields are designed to chip rather than crack, with any shards retained by the embedded plastic layer, resulting in a distinctive "spider's web" pattern upon breakage. At Al Emad Auto Workshop, we also offer cracked windshield replacement at your convenience.

Beyond their protective function, windscreens play a vital role in a vehicle's structural integrity. Approximately 30% of a car's structural strength is derived from the shape and form of the windscreen. Any damage, even a tiny chip or scratch, can develop into a crack due to temperature changes or jolts, compromising the vehicle's structural safety. Unrepaired chips can also accumulate water and dust, making thorough cleaning difficult. Even the most skilful auto glasses repair may leave visible traces if dirt is trapped.

It's crucial to address windscreen damage properly to prevent further complications. Timely repairs can prevent the need for a complete windscreen replacement, which is a more extensive and costly process. In addition, taking prompt action regarding windscreen issues can save you from future headaches.



Looking ahead, windscreen technology continues to advance, driven by the rise of autonomous vehicles. Standard features include rain and light sensors, heated windscreens, and window tints for aesthetics and privacy. In addition, solar reflecting coatings on the internal core of windscreens help deflect the sun's rays, safeguarding the vehicle's interior and enhancing air conditioning efficiency. 

Heads-up displays, popular in aerospace and military aircraft, are gradually making their way into high-end vehicle models, improving road safety. However, despite technological advancements, windscreens are still vulnerable to everyday road damage. Stone chips, scratches, and irreparable damage will persist. That's where our Al Emad Auto Workshop technicians come in. We conduct an accurate assessment of your windscreen problems and advice whether you need to replace windshield or it can be repaired. Trust our experts to make the right decision and provide cost-effective service. Contact us now for your windscreen replacement Dubai.


An experienced technician can typically conduct car wind shield replacement within 1 to 2 hours, depending on the cleaning required. The process begins by removing the old windscreen and thoroughly cleaning the surrounding area to eliminate remnants of old adhesive and debris. In case of potential rain or adverse weather, the vehicle may need to be brought under cover, and many car windscreen fitters have specialised awnings on their vans to provide protection.

The removal process is usually straightforward if the existing windscreen is intact but chipped or cracked. The technician will use specialised tools and protective covers to safeguard the vehicle's bonnet and dashboard, preventing damage and dust accumulation. Wipers, rear-view mirrors, and any attached cameras or sensors will be detached and removed as necessary.

The next step involves using specialised tools to release the glass from the retaining seals and adhesive. Next, the windscreen is carefully pulled out with the help of glass handling equipment. The site is then meticulously cleaned to ensure a proper fit for the new windscreen.

The removal process becomes more complex when the old windscreen is shattered or broken. In addition to cleaning the site for the new windscreen, all remnants of broken glass and debris must be cleared from the vehicle's interior. As a result, the process of windscreen replacement Dubai or a shattered windscreen usually takes slightly longer than a straightforward replacement of a chipped windscreen.

Once the old windscreen has been removed, the new glass is prepared for installation by applying quick-drying adhesive along the edges. The technician then carefully positions the new windscreen with precision.

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