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Bad Car Wash Dubai Practices You Should Beware Of! 

Car washing is one of the integral practices for the ultimate car maintenance. Every vehicle owner knows the importance of a car wash and normally has it once or twice weekly. Normally, your need for the car wash depends on the use of the vehicle in general. 

However, you do not know about a few bad practices of car wash Dubai that are making it worse for your vehicle. Instead of maintenance, you are eventually damaging your car. Look at a few bad practices you should avoid with car washes. 

Using Duster to Wave Off Dust 

normally, your car may have dry dust settled on its surface. Following a general practice of cleaning, you will start with dusting. Using a duster to rub off the dust is not a good idea. The smaller sand or dirt particles on the vehicle's surface will work as a scrub on the car's surface and eventually leave lines on it. 

Instead, use a water jet or shower to clean the dust from the vehicle's surface and proceed with the wash.  

Using Harsh cleaning chemicals 

We think the harsh chemicals are good for cleaning, but not in every case. Using a purpose-based cleaner for every cleaning and washing project is better. Similarly, for the cars, use the car cleaning solutions that are designed for these vehicles instead of harsh chemicals. 

Not rinsing off the cleaners from the surface. 

Rinsing off the cleaners, whether these are car-friendly or not, is important. If you have any left-on cleaner on the surface, it will leave lines and marks on the car. Later, it can also damage the paint and surface of the vehicle. 

Using tough sponges or scrubs 

Use only a microfiber cloth to apply the cleaner on the car's surface or dry it after washing. Using any random sponge or scrub will damage the car's surface and leave some fine lines or harsh scratches. You have to be gentle with the rubbing and cleaning movements on the car's surface to avoid damage. 

Not drying up water from the surface.

After a thorough clean-up, it's essential to dry the car's surface, especially the mirrors, windows, and shields. The watermarks on the vehicle look untidy and cause damages like attracting dirty marks and more. 

No interior detailing 

Washing off your car from the outside is not enough for its cleanness and maintenance. You have to invest time and money in the interior as well. Without an interior clean-up, you are not making a good value out of it. So, it's better to ask your professional car cleaner to do interior cleaning. It's a part of regular car wash. You may not opt for the complete detailing but a general clean-up of the das board, seat, windows, and other interior parts. 

Wrap Up! 

A good car wash for your vehicle increases its life and gives you a sludge-free, sparkling, and well-performing car. However, a few bad practices can cause you to face issues with the car's exterior, too. You should be aware of the bad practices and avoid them with your vehicle cleaning.